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Free access for up to 2 users

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Free transfer of your clients’ database

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High level of data protection

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Everything necessary for business management in 1 system

1500 Companies Have Already Working in KeepinCRM


Create your client’s card in 1 click. Detailed information about clients, tasks and order history, stuff feedback and more. All clients’ history in 1 place.


Planning, setting, control of the tasks and terms of implementation, reminders, priority, statuses. Calendars, filters, archives and more are also available in the KeepinCRM system.


No orders lost. The system automates and saves all order history, dates and deadlines, prices, payment stages, responsible bodies and automatically creates tasks.

Sales visualization

Every stage is visually represented. Keep track of the sales process, study statistics and estimate costs.


Revenues and costs management is now more convenient and simple. Analyze which orders were paid and which were not. Generate the reports of company’s financial activity, and manage future payments.

Sub-contractors and Warehouse

Add your sub-contractors with their price-lists and prices, conduct working statistic with them. Manage warehouse remainder, create orders for the main warehouse and connect materials to warehouse.


Complete document workflow in the KeepinCRM system allows to form, save and send client’s documents and orders. Generate bills, agreements, and acts in 1 click using ready templates.


Due to the integration with other services, you are able to customize desired business processes. Integrate daily used services and work more effectively.

Smart and easy CRM system

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Manage sales and clients

  • Set up your own sales funnel
  • Multi Funnels
  • Margin, cost, sources, discounts
  • Archive of completed orders
  • Highlighting back orders
  • Document generation and file attachment
  • Tasks
  • Finance (advance payments, wallets, income / expenses)
  • Creating TTN and sending SMS
  • Timing control for each stage
  • Additional sales
  • Leads, clients and a full history of working with them
  • Customer tagging, creating your own fields and much more


Orders/tasks from the site, marketplaces, social networks, Email come in one place - KeepinCRM. A customer and an order with full data are automatically created.

Do not miss a single order, distribute among managers, monitor execution and work efficiently. And our team will work to expand the number of sources.

Need to connect your site to KeepinCRM? Easy! We provide such services.

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Integration with Nova Poshta, Ukrposhta and system delivery.

  • Creation and printing of TTN
  • Courier list
  • Automatic filling of data on the client and the goods
  • Track shipment statuses
  • Mass printing
  • Ability to connect multiple accounts
  • Widget with TTN who arrived at the branch and information about paid storage
  • Automatic SMS with TTN number when sending
  • TOP10 cities by departure
  • System delivery
  • Separate section with all TTN
  • Auto return of Nova Poshta shipments coming soon


Automatic actions are one of the important points in CRM, and we are actively working in this direction. Already available:

  • Write-off and return of goods to the warehouse
  • Transition from lead to customers
  • Finance
  • Change funnel stages based on delivery status
  • Sending SMS at the stages of the sales funnel
  • Auto acceptance of an order with Prom
  • Happy Birthday Greetings
  • Auto Buyer Verification via BlackBox
  • Creating a lead / task if online chat operators are offline


  • Creating a task at the sales funnel stage, lead / customer status
  • Creating a task if n days are left before the transaction end date
  • Creating a task if there is not enough goods left in the warehouse
  • Sending SMS after a certain time
  • Sending deals to the archive
  • Document generation at the sales funnel stage
  • Creating a task if the client did not work for a certain time
  • Auto Change Responsible
  • Automatic transfer of the client to the archive or to another section
  • Creating a task if there are problems with the transaction or the transaction is long at the stage
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In KeepinCRM you can fully work with the warehouse, and every month we add new features. Now available:

  • Residue control
  • Unlimited number of branches (warehouses)
  • Cost, margin and several types of prices in a product
  • Custom fields: color, size, etc.
  • Modifications
  • Full history of sales and product movement: income / expense
  • Multicurrency
  • Cross-branch transfer of goods
  • Import, export
  • Bulk price changes and cataloging by folder
  • MPE
  • Formation of accounts, acts based on goods in a transaction
  • Automatic write-off and return of goods to the warehouse

SMS and Calls

  • Stable integration with Binotel and popup on call
  • Calls with CRM
  • Creating a customer and order in 1 click
  • Call History and Listening Recordings
  • Automatic, manual and bulk SMS sending
  • Templates and variables for SMS
  • Shipping statistics and multiple senders
  • Sending different SMS to different sources of transactions
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Finance and Documents

Keeping finances and generating documents in KeepinCRM is simple and convenient. Believe me, you will like it!

  • Unlimited wallets and multicurrency
  • Maintain income, expenses and transfer between wallets
  • Categories of income and expenses
  • Payment history
  • Management reports
  • Upload files to payments
  • Generation of documents, acts, accounts in 1 click on your templates
  • Customer / Transaction Variables
  • Finance, documents attached to the transaction and the client
  • Ability to upload files


Create tasks and monitor their implementation, and the system will remind you of this at the right time. Creating tasks with reference to the transaction, to the client or without reference.

You can work with tasks in the format of a calendar, columns or list, as well as thanks to a widget on the desktop. All completed tasks can be sent to the archive. Also available: create custom fields, upload files, set completion dates, responsible, create statuses, create checklists, add comments and notes.

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Available integrations


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