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Release 1.9.2 and such expected user fields


This release was expected by many, since it contains user fields that all our customers have been waiting for. Now any of our clients can create the necessary fields in the customer's card, lead, sales, tasks, and even carry out additional settings =)

It's fantastically convenient, customizable, cool, trust us and hurry to customize! This offer can not be abandoned.

Full list of changes:

  1. Custom fields:
    • Create the necessary fields in the lead card, client, sales, task. Add the Address field, link to the site, interests are now easy. There is an opportunity to add text, digital fields, date, time, Yes/No, list, links, address. And also place these fields in the blocks you need: General information on the client, tasks for it, financial block, delivery, files, etc .;
    • Fields can be marked as mandatory and that are displayed when creating a customer card, lead, sales, task;
    • There is an option to add a default value;
    • Did you want to sort the standard or created fields? Yes Easy! We do not need to thank you, we do everything to make it convenient for you to use our system =);
    • The created fields are automatically displayed in the column settings so that you can immediately see the necessary data without going to the internal page.
  2. The tables are completely changed. Now they can be customized, your position is also preserved when transitions inside the system;
  3. Added the first version of the sales funnel, which displays:
    • Total revenue;
    • The amount of payment;
    • The number of orders;
    • The number of goods / services sold;
    • Average check.
  4. We have long planned and finally moved our system to more stable and powerful servers. Oh yeah, now it's much faster to work !;
  5. Added the ability to transfer the lead to the clients and back in manual mode (all data is saved at the same time);
  6. Modified the "Records" module;
  7. Added the "Tasks" block to the lead card, the client. Now the task can be created directly in the lead card, the client and as convenient as possible;
  8. All the created columns in the price list are now displayed in the products block;
  9. The search is now full-text, that is, it is produced according to all data;
  10. Added the ability to import, export leads, clients;
  11. Fixed a bug in converting one currency to another if the "Multicurrency" module is enabled;
  12. The ability to customize the colors for client status, source of leads and documents is added;
  13. "Made friends" API and user fields;
  14. Completed and grouped the company's settings;
  15. Corrected spelling errors.

And this is not the entire list of changes, there are other smaller changes. Keep track of the releases to stay abreast of the latest changes and use the new functionality.