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CRM With Integration

Are you looking for a system that will simplify and automate the work with orders for Prom, customers, tracking parcels, inventory control, updating goods, etc.? Then KeepinCRM is exactly what you need!

Integration with Prom allows you to automatically import goods with Prom, generate XLS files for import to Prom, work with features, update prices, work with orders (change status), import all previously created orders and automatically create a customer base, automatically change status from "New "to" Accepted, "and our KeepinCRM Bot will lead all orders for the sales funnel.

For example: you received a new order, it automatically appeared in KeepinCRM, and after a few minutes the system automatically changed the status to “Accepted”, then you coordinate the order with the client and generate the TTN, after which our KeepinCRM Bot sends an SMS to the client with the TTN number, as only you brought the parcel to the delivery service (Nova Posta, UkrPoshta) The bot changed the status of the order in the sales funnel to "Sent" and automatically wrote off the goods from the warehouse, after the parcel arrived at the customer’s office, the stage in the sales funnel can automatically change to " Arrived at the office, "as soon as the customer took the package, our KeepinCRM Bot tracked it and changed the order stage to" Received ", and so on.

As you can see, all that is required of you is to call the client and generate the TTN, our system will do everything else.

Optimize your work today, connect this integration (documentation). Enough to do what you can give to the CRM-system, you should be engaged in business development, not routine!


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Integration Capabilities

Automatic orders transfer

Automatic orders transfer

All orders are transferred to the CRM

Synchronization of statuses and prices of goods on Prom with warehouse

Synchronization of statuses and prices of goods on Prom with warehouse

The availability of products and the price is synchronized with the data from the warehouse in CRM, it helps to simplify and significantly speed up the process of updating info.

Automatic import/export of products from a warehouse or Prom

Automatic import/export of products from a warehouse or Prom

Import all goods sold with Prom to us, or generate an .xls file for import to Prom

Marketplace Sales Analytics

Marketplace Sales Analytics

Analyze online sales: what sells better, what seasonality, which manager sells more, who buys more from customers, etc.

Manage multiple pages on Prom using 1 CRM

Manage multiple pages on Prom using 1 CRM

Connect any number of Prom accounts to one KeepinCRM account

Chat with customers

Chat with customers

If someone wrote to you, the system will automatically create a task and a lead card

Control of stocks

Control of stocks

Automatic write-off of goods upon dispatch, return on refusal and full control of balances

TTN generation and automatic SMS sending

TTN generation and automatic SMS sending

Generate TTN by order in KeepinCRM and send the number to the client automatically

Our Advantages

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Automatically create a customer database and all their data

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Saving a complete history of working with clients from the marketplace

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Convenient and fast order processing

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Automatically update product data (availability, cost, features, etc.)

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Automatic ordering of sales funnels

Updates 1

Continual improvements to KeepinCRM and the emergence of new functionality to increase sales

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Help in the settings of the synchronization module

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Importing previously created orders and forming a customer base

What do you get?


increase the percentage of conversion of completed transactions


Decreasing the amount of lost clients

The speed of development of the site

Simplify your work today!