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KeepinCRM is a CRM system created in 2017 for business automation, which combines the whole range of company management capabilities and is able to optimize work with orders, automate routine affairs and structure business processes.

The system is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses that need a convenient and intuitive tool for optimizing work with clients, managing tasks, introducing finances, generating documents and much more.

Why KeepinCRM?

  • We are actively developing, so you can always get new and cool opportunities in CRM;
  • Our main area is automation;
  • We help and advise on the implementation of the KeepinCRM system in your business and are ready to take on even the most complex business processes;
  • We are loyal to each client and delve into his work (which few people do, believe us);
  • Our team quickly responds to customer requests and quickly helps in solving them;
  • We have extensive experience in automation and data analysis, so we guarantee a professional approach in the implementation process.

KeepinCRM Cons

  • Sometimes the implementation may be delayed, because we are ready to technically implement the necessary capabilities to make it even more convenient for you to work;
  • We have our own opinion, which sometimes may not coincide with yours in the process of implementing KeepinCRM, but as a result, everyone is satisfied;
  • We do not compare our CRM with others (this is not the most important factor when choosing a CRM);
  • We may not have some opportunities, but we are actively working on their development and improvement.

KeepinCRM is constantly evolving and we try to provide our users with flexibility in settings so that they can customize KeepinCRM to their business processes, automate the work and we will adhere to this value in the future.

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