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Sending TTN from KeepinCRM to PROM

September 10, 2020

KeepinCRM can send TTN to Prom. That is, you received an order for Prom, it came to KeepinCRM, then you generated a TTN in KeepinCRM and now you can send it to an order for Prom with 1 button. No m...

Closed testing of integration with ALLO and marketplaces

September 10, 2020

Do you use ALLO and marketplaces? Then the good news for you - they will soon appear in KeepinCRM. But if you want to work with them faster, we will provide you with such an opportunity - take...

Implement KeepinCRM with a 30% discount

August 07, 2020

Many companies are optimizing costs, going online, looking for new directions. Therefore, for some time now we have seen an increase in requests for integrations and the purchase of a large number ...

Price changing

July 07, 2020

Page is under construction.

Updated desktop (Dashboard)

June 02, 2020

Page is under construction

Big changes in TurboSMS integration

June 02, 2020

We have almost completely changed the integration with TurboSMS so that you can connect several SMS signatures and several gateways. Automatic migrations have already been performed on current acco...

Support for COVID-19 companies and 50% discount

March 30, 2020

With the spread of COVID-19, many organizations have temporarily closed their offline stores and moved online. Sales volumes and purchasing power also decreased. All this and a number of other fact...

Updated module appointments

March 25, 2020

Our team has been working for a long time on an almost complete change in the electronic recording journal module, which allows online recording of clients to company employees and automating some ...

The benefits of integrating an online store with CRM, or easier - be sure to do the integration!

January 27, 2020

Are you a online retailer? Having trouble processing orders, controlling employees, getting tired of switching between different services and losing customers more often? Need to speed up and stand...