Our Plans

KeepinCRM is constantly improving for our customers, there is a new and cool functionality to make your work more convenient, productive, increase sales and more automation. Therefore, we have prepared for you a list of new opportunities that will soon appear and over which our team is already working.

A list of what we're working on right now:

  1. Kanban board for leads and customers
  2. Additional functionality for working with marketplaces At the testing stage
  3. Improved import of all data into the system
  4. Improved data export
  5. Smart filters in each section, including based on custom fields
  6. Functionality for working with suppliers. You like
  7. The ability to transfer products from the site to KeepinCRM and automatic synchronization
  8. Automatically updating suppliers price lists
  9. Automatic distribution of orders by managers
  10. Archive of leads, customers
  11. Multi-addition of goods to the warehouse At the testing stage
  12. Auto Return to Warehouse At the testing stage
  13. Upload all statistics to XLS format
  14. Cumulative discount for customers
  15. The ability to hide sections that are not used, as well as customize the side menu
  16. Connection of several alpha-names and TurboSMS gateways. Separation of SMS sending by transaction sources
  17. Control of duplicates of leads, customers
  18. Grouping actions in the log of leads, customers, deals, tasks
  19. Improved system convenience
  20. Powerful business process editor
  21. More automation (more than 50 types of automated actions within the system)
  22. Leads scoring
  23. MailChimp Integration
  24. Omnanality, however:
    1. Facebook integration
    2. Viber integration
    3. Instagram integration
    4. Telegram integration
  25. Detailed sales funnel
  26. Extended customer statistics
  27. Integration with InTime
  28. Improved interface Partly

Fuh, our CRM system will soon receive such functionality, and this is not even 10% of what we have planned yet, but about everything a bit. Choose our system and you will not regret!