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Updated module appointments


Our team has been working for a long time on an almost complete change in the electronic recording journal module, which allows online recording of clients to company employees and automating some of the actions that the administrator performs.

We took into account the wishes of our customers, so this module can be used in beauty salons, after-sales services, medical facilities, dentistry and other areas of business where a customer record is needed.

Using it you can:

  • Quickly add entries
  • Fill less data, because the part is already filled
  • Set up a schedule for the entire company or each department
  • See the current schedule for employees or offices
  • Automatically send SMS reminder to customers about recording
  • Instantly search for the necessary information in the calendar or filter by status, employee, department
  • Right on the calendar you can see the schedule of all employees - to inform customers
  • Add services to the record and spend finances
  • Add desired statuses and colors to statuses for visual understanding.
  • Add employees on whom you can record and attach their own color to them, for visual understanding on the calendar
  • Set the recording step for each employee or the whole company
  • Set up a work schedule for employees:
    • By days of the week
    • By paired or unpaired numbers
    • For every month
    • Add exception days, etc.
  • Create cabinets and attach employees to them
  • Allow or block editing records that have already been
  • Create additional fields in records
  • See the full picture of the client: number of visits, contact details, tags, etc.
  • Set calendar view: day or week
  • and much more

A couple photos:

Also note that this module will still have updates: the ability to integrate with the site, additional settings, design improvements, etc. Therefore, we recommend that you start using the module now to understand and get used to working with such a wonderful tool =)

Make the work of your employees convenient, understandable and enjoyable! And you, in turn, will be able to see the real picture online and the entire history of working with the client, as well as analyze the results of the company. Use all the features of this module, and the results will not be long in coming.