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Implement KeepinCRM with a 30% discount


Many companies are optimizing costs, going online, looking for new directions. Therefore, for some time now we have seen an increase in requests for integrations and the purchase of a large number of licenses with discounts.

We are convinced that right now we need to start using CRM systems: optimize processes, bypass competitors through high-quality service, do not forget for a single order or lead, automate part of the work and combine all the company's work in one system.

To make it easier for you to make decisions and start, we make a 30% discount on the turnkey integration service. For example, now you can order an integration service for UAH 4,000 instead of UAH 6,000 until the end of August. This service includes:

  • Connecting a site to KeepinCRM
  • Business process setup
  • Connection and configuration of integrations: Prom, Rozetka, SMS, etc.
  • Data import
  • Setting up automation and other points that are discussed during integration.

As we have already heard: we are only testing, we understand everything, we are watching, and so on. But after a while they return to us again, but valuable time has been lost.

Don't waste your time, use KeepinCRM in your business, and we will help you with this! A CRM system is not a luxury, but a necessity. Not using CRM? Then you are already inferior to your competitors.

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