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Big changes in TurboSMS integration


We have almost completely changed the integration with TurboSMS so that you can connect several SMS signatures and several gateways. Automatic migrations have already been performed on current accounts, and there is no need to do additional settings, everything works as it worked.

What has been changed:

  • Added the ability to connect multiple signatures
  • Added the ability to connect multiple gateways (different TurboSMS accounts)
  • Added information about remaining loans in TurboSMS account
  • Now, when creating an SMS template, you also indicate by what sources of transactions automatic SMS should be sent (for which it is described below)
  • Each signature has its own dispatch log
  • When sending SMS manually, we added a signature display to the template and the ability to select a signature for sending
  • If you run out of loans, blocked a signature, or changed the settings of the TurboSMS gateway, the integration is automatically disabled and an Email is sent to the administrator.

How useful are these changes and for whom are they needed?

First of all, it is necessary for those users who have several online stores with different names, and you need to send SMS with the names of stores, and not with one common signature. It is also necessary for those who sell on Rozetka, Prom or other marketplaces, where the names of sellers also differ.

Differentiation data is configured based on transaction sources. For example, if an order came from a Rozetka source, then an SMS from TTN is sent from signature No. 1, if an order came from Prom (source Prom), then it is sent from signature No. 2. If you have several accounts on Rozetka, Prom, sites then their sources will be different. Such distinctions in SMS are also configurable.

We also added the ability to block changes to sources in orders that came from marketplaces or from the site (when integrating via the API).

Personalize SMS sending depending on the online store, this will improve customer loyalty and the seriousness of the seller. Also recall that signing up for TurboSMS is free. You can configure this by integrating TurboSMS in your company account.